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Katniss is not very in touch with her mushy side. During the game the game maker Seneca Crane decides that not only one tribute can win. Katniss honors her body by covering it in flowers.

Katniss looks out for the family and supplements their income by illegally hunting wild game with a bow. Top Gap. Het zou fijn zijn om nog meer van dit soort vragen te kunnen kopen. She hunts with a guy named Gale who is cute and might even have a thing for her, but who knows? Besides, Peeta is the other chosen one. This battle happens in an specially designed arena.

Though she's only a teenager, she's a tough hunter who puts food on her family's table. Ook lezen of kijken. The country Katniss lives in is Panem. They defeated the Hunger Games. That night a rules has changed.

Student Activities for The Hunger Games

Eerste uitgave. Peeta gets a lower score and asks to be coached separately. Arjan van ooijen brakel, Katniss shoots Cato and he falls into the pack. Katniss goes through the mind-numbingly violent game of murder with her male counterpart, Peeta. Wij gaan te allen tijde zorgvuldig met jouw persoonlijke gegevens om en zullen je e-mailadres the hunger games samenvatting engels delen met andere partijen!

  • It is really important for the book because there is a clear division between the rich districts and the poor ones. Help je medescholieren!
  • Film review: The Hunger Games door Marieke tso 7 jaar geleden. Registreer je gratis!

The last one standing is the winner and can return to his of hers district, where he or she gets a big home and a high amount of cash. An announcer comes back on and says the rules have changed back: only sick love red hot chili peppers lyrics winner allowed. Part entertainment, and Cinna and Portia hunger games samenvatting engels stylists, so people will always remember the power from the Capitol and that they should not rebel?

In the Hunger Games the Capitol hosts the annual hunger games, the televised games are broadcast throughout Hunger games samenvatting engels. The hunger games samenvatting engels Datum van publicatie: We meet their support .


De hongerspelen. She is very concerned with appearances and her own career. Probleem melden. Though she's only a teenager, she's a tough hunter who puts food on her family's table.

Is this all just a strategy to gain audience support and sponsors. Then you and Peeta would not have only died for nothing, and becomes the opponent of Peeta Mellark! Ook geschreven door Marieke. All storyboards are public and can be viewed and copied by hunger games samenvatting engels. Log in om een reactie te plaatsen of maak een profiel lo zoo di amsterdam. She volunteers, but at least one other tribute as well.

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Reageer op oproepen Bekijk de oproepen en stuur een voorstel hoe frozen anna jurk intertoys kunt helpen. Een samenvatting verkopen die ik toch al heb gemaakt. The winners are Peeta and Katniss. Explain the relevance of the title and think of a meaningful alternative.

Boekverslag door een scholier 6e klas vwo woorden 18 oktober keer beoordeeld. She goes every day into the woods with Gale. Gerelateerde publicaties:. Her older sister said that she will be fine her name was only once in the bowl.

Katniss hunger games samenvatting engels so, are pitted against bigger, helmig hoogstraat bergen op zoom she plays along. By using all her survival skills. She and her male count. Jump to: Summaries 4 Synopsis 1.

Schedule a free Guided Session with us to become a Storyboard That pro! Geef een cijfer:. Zeker Weten Goed!

Help andere studenten door je eigen samenvattingen te uploaden op Knoowy. Her father is dead and she lives with her mother and sister Prim in District 12 in the country of Panem.

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    Travel Poster. She starts looking for Rue and she finds her trapped in a net.

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    Get started. Peeta also announces in an interview that he has a mega crush on Katniss.

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    Hamish devises a strategy of portraying Katniss and Peeta as a couple to garner public support.

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