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The best area to stay in Amsterdam with family — a neighbourhood by neighbourhood guide. At these servicedesks, you can upgrade your Ziggo Dome Wallet balance by using cash.

There are multiple food stands with lots of different delicious sandwiches, fruit, burgers and icecream. Drop-off at De Entree is free. Due to Dutch regulations, it is forbidden to smoke inside venues. I lost my ticket, what should I do? Lockers are located next to the cloakrooms.

We advise you to enter the time you expect to arrive at the event? Check for hotels in the area. Eerstvolgende event. Please note; the Ziggo Dome uses a different recycle system than the Gashouder. Samen in de auto naar het werk, waarom niet ook samen in de auto naar een p2 event parking ziggo dome of evenement.

  • Then you can sell your ticket through Ticketswap or get your fee back, if you insured your ticket through Booking Protect.
  • Then usually this parking gets filled quickly. More information about paying in the Ziggo Dome is found here.

Ticket sale

This needs to provide a QR-code. Significantly, you cannot pay in cash. Journey time is only about half an hour including a ten minute walk from the metro stop the arena itself. Bekijk parkeerlocaties. Create an Awakenings account.

  • To prevent this, we ask ticket buyers to personalize all tickets by indicating the name of the person who will attend the event.
  • Please note; the Ziggo Dome uses a different recycle system than the Gashouder. In The Rolling Stones played two semi-acoustic concerts and tickets exchanged hands for thousands of euros or guilders as it was then.

The best area to stay in Amsterdam with family - a neighbourhood by neighbourhood guide? More to discover. Smoking regulations We do p2 event parking ziggo dome sell cigarettes during our Awakenings events. Create an Awakenings account. Drop-off and pickup There are several options for dropping off or picking up passengers at the Ziggo Dome.

Ziggo Dome News. Receive your ticket from the main booker?

Awakenings Merchandise

De Entree can no longer be used for passenger pickup after the concert has ended. Carpooling You can carpool to work but also to a concert or event! If you have not received your tickets within 24 hours, please contact the Paylogic Customer Service via customerservice paylogic. Je vindt De Entree door de gele borden met de tekst 'Afzetten evenementen' te volgen zie plattegrond.

Ladies of Soul. Create an Awakenings account. Keep in mind that bags stored at the lockers in the Ziggo Dome must comply with the bag policy.

We would like to collect as many as possible, to make sure they can be recycled. Get tickets.

Are you ready?!

Most people use the Bijlmer Arena stop for the Ziggo Dome, but Strandvliet is equidistant arguably nearer and one stop earlier on the line. Receive your tickets. Read more.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Meer te beleven. Be aware that if security finds any drugs on you, your party will be over sacramenten katholieke kerk you might be handed over to the police.

Meer informatie enter sandman lyrics chords parkeren en een plattegrond met parkeerlocaties vind p2 event parking ziggo dome hieronder. Important Make sure to schedule a test as soon as possible. This email will not yet include your tickets. Please use the outside smoking areas.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Situation

You are a great risk to yourself and others. Wil je iemand ophalen bij de Ziggo Slotervaart gastric bypass Open the invitation link to personalize your ticket.

Friday October 15 No access will be granted without a QR code. Looking for more inspiration or places to eat in the city.

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    It can take up to 2 hours before you receive your QR-code, so make sure to test in time. Start personalizing your ticket Click on the button of the personalization page to start personalizing your Awakenings ticket.

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    We check for ID at the entrance.

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